Dear CS Students,

Answer the following questions. Each answer demands thorough reading of the related texts/references. Send your answers to

1)  Discuss at least four human weaknesses that Bertrand Russell calls errors in “Keeping Errors at Bay”. Explain each weakness focusing on its (i) roots, (ii) attributes, (iii) effects, (iv) possible remedies, and (v) positive consequences of the remedies.

2) Review “The Stub-Book” from the point of view of (a) the farmers’ attachment with the land, and (b) how Uncle Buscabetas proved his claim over the 40 pumpkins.

3) Prepare a Memo Report on one of the following:

a) “Managing Free Wi-Fi Service in KU Premises”

b) “The Necessity to Upgrade Residential Facilities in KU”.

4) Design INTRODUCTION of a Technical Article on “The Role of Computer Science Graduates in Enhancing Secondary Education in Nepal.”


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One thought on “ASSIGNMENT CS-2017”

  1. 2.
    a. Farmer ‘s attachment with the land: the farmer of the Rota were hard working. No any streams run through their field. But the pumpkin growers had made many wells from they drew the water. They spent their half of their life seeking substances which may be used as the fertilizer. When they had both elements, they begun to fertilize their plot of land and in each of them sowed tomato seed and pumpkin’s pip which then water by hand , like a person who gives water to his child.
    b. how did uncle Buscabeatas proved his ownership?
    ans: As tax collector has stub book so he can prove afterward whether the receipt is counterfeit or not? Similarly uncle Buscabeatas had stub-book of his garden i.e. the stems to which those pumpkin were attached before the thief had stole. As he spoke he fitted the stem exactly to the belonging pumpkins which made the spectators amazed and delighted by such strange proof. This s how he claimed his ownweship.

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