ENG 102

Dear Students,

ENG 102 emphasizes reading and critical thinking across the major literary genres. The main themes covered in the syllabus include Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Environment, Art, Conflict, Logic, Entertainment, Love, Family Work and Class, Race Relations and Individual and Society.

Through a journal maintained throughout the semester, you are expected to respond to the class activities through a taxonomic approach named ‘Post-Class Reflection (PCR)’ comprising the following questions:

  1. How did the class go?
  2. How did I participate?
  3. How did I contribute?
  4. How could the class have been more effective?
  5. What would I like to cherish further?


We will apply Bloom’s Taxonomy (BT) to respond to the texts. Application of BT in reading literature is something unique, practiced for the first time so extensively by HMU faculties. The simple parameters for BT’s application in understanding literature from ‘knowledge’ to ‘creativity’ may be elaborated as follows:



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Application of rhetoric in composition teaching

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