ENG 102

Dear Students,

ENG 102 emphasizes reading and critical thinking across the major literary genres. The main themes covered in the syllabus include Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Environment, Art, Conflict, Logic, Entertainment, Love, Family Work and Class, Race Relations and Individual and Society.

Through a journal maintained throughout the semester, you are expected to respond to the class activities through a taxonomic approach named ‘Post-Class Reflection (PCR)’ comprising the following questions:

  1. How did the class go?
  2. How did I participate?
  3. How did I contribute?
  4. How could the class have been more effective?
  5. What would I like to cherish further?


We will apply Bloom’s Taxonomy (BT) to respond to the texts. Application of BT in reading literature is something unique, practiced for the first time so extensively by HMU faculties. The simple parameters for BT’s application in understanding literature from ‘knowledge’ to ‘creativity’ may be elaborated as follows:



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Application of rhetoric in composition teaching

One thought on “ENG 102”

  1. 1. Who is lunatic? Being based on “The lunatic”, present five different condition in which a person could be perceived as a lunatic.
    A lunatic is someone who either insane or just acting crazy. Lunatic are those who talk about different things, ends with declaration, incoherence.
    In the “the lunatic” writer declared and justify his lunacy. Here he tries to prove his sense organs are not working properly .He got deformed nature of sense organ as he could visualize sound and hear the visible.
    He can touch object which do not exist. May be author tries to talk about religious person who can control senses and reach the state of hypnotized.
    He has capacity to see the things which is not visible outwardly. He can see life in the moon .he can communicate with stones.
    He compares his lunacy with ordinary people. He is not materialistic, not bounded to social life. Author is articulate whereas other person is cleaver, eloquent. Author thinks spiritually while other use formulas.
    He tries to experiment himself .Actually he is retelling stories of different incident. He is upsetting different values, rebellions.

    2. Review “The Four-Tusked Elephant “from the point of view of how (a) coincidences defined the course of research, and (b) why Armand Dennis took so much pain to bring the skull and tusks together.
    “The Four-Tusked Elephant” written by Armand Dennis is story about his failure or actually failure of his search for the four tusk elephant existence.
    Coincidences defined the course of research as in the story by the fourth day he saw green trees, found fresh elephant dung. Once luckily some Belgian settlers were talking about four tusked elephant near him. He came to know about Butembo and other Mombeli who helped him finding the skull. He thought if Mombeli was telling the truth his discovery of four tusked elephant would be fantastic coincidence. When he search for Mombeli at his house he could not find him,later he thought about Renaud ‘s house .Luckily while passing his house he found skull after removing earth.
    Armand Dennis took too much pain both physical and mental only for his research on existence of four-tusked elephant .he want fulfill his dream to film the amazing four tusked elephant whatever the risk. Initially he wanted the four tusk only later he thought he will need skull as well to prove other people about existence of four tusk elephant after fitting each tusk perfectly on the skull so that every people believes on him.
    3. Prepare memo report either on “Problems Faced by KU students during the expansion of KU-Atthais kilo road” OR “The Necessity to upgrade Residential facilities in KU”.
    To: Student Welfare Society
    From: Saroj Basnet
    Subject: The Necessity to upgrade Residential facilities in KU.
    Date: 10 august, 2017
    KU students are facing residential problem while studying .There are limited seat at KU hostel only 2 or 3 out of 30 students will get the hostel facility .other are compel to stay on rent or daily use long distance bus to reach university. Actually renting near KU is not that much easy and economical as well.
    Here are the ideas to solve the problems students are facing.
     KU must increase the hostel buildings so that ratio of student’s hostel enrollment shall increases.
     Establishment of economical Private hostels near KU.
     Buses service must be managed. One should pay according to distance he pay rather than equal rates for all.
    Please respond with questions and suggestions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    4. Design the INTRODUCTION of technical article on “The Role of Mechanical Engineers in the context of Developing Federal states in Nepal.”
    ”The Role of Mechanical Engineers in the Context of Developing Federal States in Nepal”
    Mechanical engineering is the discipline that applies engineering, material science, and physics principles to design, analyze, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers have roles in federal state development. Today highly developed societies run by highly influential people. As time goes on, the needs of improvement on the society is necessity for many. The process of structuring national identity using power of state refers to nation-building .this process aims at the unification of people within state so that it remains politically stable and viable in long run. Mechanical engineers are perfect partner towards this aim. A wide range of decisions is made by board of executive officers, professional including engineers. They provide guidance for implementing federal and state programs. Another role of engineers is to eliminate excessive usage of resources by optimizing and improving efficiency. They will help in innovation and seeping through new realms. They infuse new technologies which are done through research and development. In these context mechanical engineers has a responsibility to contribute to society by new technology. Similarly they involve in maintenance and management. From CEO to supply chain system, mechanical engineers are distributed in every firm because of their aptitude in production system and operation capabilities. They can be fitted into a data analyst to business tycoon who particularly requires ability to question profitability and investments. Similarly they can involve in teaching and research oriented fields where the difference is made to whole society or a whole country.

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