cropped-state-dept-small2This  blog aims to explore ways of enhancing writing culture among students of Kathmandu University. A student is invited to send texts for publication. Other students are encouraged to participate by posting comments and reviews. I facilitate the participation of multiple writers in order to help promote conversation among a larger community of learners.

This blog is meant to be rhetorical in the sense of lending space to any attempt at expressing ideas with a purpose to influence opinions. It derives the traditional concept of persuasion and motivation as a bottomline, but extends to the notion of effective communication beyond a face-to-face situation.

Besides, this blog posts regular updates about my courses. It also includes student assignments posted as comments. In all attempts, I will be working to make some differences, by adding more creations. My confession is that even if not to invite great readership, the blog will not fail to become a great archive of evolving writings.


Guidelines for writing will be posted under the category “Teacher’s Updates”.

You are encouraged to encourage the writers in this blog by sending feedback through the ‘comment’ option.

Articles may not be edited but  posted directly for their content quality.

Student Assignments (articles/essays/stories) are posted as ‘Assignments’ before being graded in one of the categories listed below.

            Writers: Quality writings with very little need of revision

            Trekkers: Works that reflect rigor and potential for perfection

            Runners: Spontaneous and expressive pieces despite minor flaws

            Ramblers: Expressive but less organized; in need of revision

            Toddlers: Beginners in need of rigor.

Please do not write comments in this page.

If you want to participate as a writer, send your text to hr.kafle@gmail.com as a Microsoft Word attachment.

Hem Raj Kafle

Assistant Professor

PhD in English (Rhetoric/Communication)

Coordinator, Humanities and Management Unit

School of Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal